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MASA has *TWO* different accounts you should sign up for:

  • (1) Our webpage (you are reading it now!) to get aircraft manuals, club member roster, etc.
  • (2) Our “Email Blast” (email news group) to get announcements and other important and timely information about the club (it’s a YahooGroups list)

A quick note: We use the YahooGroups email list to communicate important information to our membership.  There is no other way for timely communications.  Some folks don’t want to create a Yahoo account.  Here is your solution: a) Yahoo email is free, there is no longer any reason not to have multiple email accounts.  If you don’t want to use your “real” information, then be creative about the information you provide to Yahoo.  b) Join the YahooGroups list using a newly created account.  Be sure to let me know if your YahooGroups account information doesn’t reflect your MASA member information so that we’ll approve you joining the group.  c) Forward the emails from that Yahoo account to where ever you want to pick up your club announcements.

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(1) Join the MASA website:

New MASA website users create new MASA website registration hereWrite down your password please!

(2) Join the YahooGroups “email Blast”:

New “Email Blast” users can create new registration hereWrite down your password please!

Reset my Yahoo account password here (Yahoo controls this, Wayne cannot help you in any way.  If you forget it and cannot get it reset through Yahoo, then just create a completely new Yahoo account and abandon the old one.  You should write down your password!!)  Write down your password please!

Existing “Email Blast” users can log in to their YahooGroups account here

Video on how to join YahooGroups (our group is named:  masa_members )









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To create your new MASA website user account fill in the information below.  If you have questions on how to fill-in the form please take a look at this video:

Video:  Registering_at_MASA_website_video

Dear Members – Please be sure to use the same information that we have on our membership list when registering.  I will check every entry against our records.  Only people that match will be approved. Thanks.

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