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Mid-Atlantic Soaring Association Welcomes You!


Take a look at our webcam Fairfield, PA - W73 to see current weather conditions.  When you are done please close your browser window so others can use the camera.  There is a maximum of 4 users on the camera, please close your browser window!  Thanks!

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The Mid-Atlantic Soaring Association invites you to experience the magic and learn to soar. 


The Mid-Atlantic Soaring Association (M-ASA), one of the countries largest soaring clubs was founded in 1952 and is conveniently located between Harrisburg, Baltimore, and Washington, DC.

M-ASA, operates at Fairfield, Pennsylvania (W73) just south of Gettysburg. W73 offers access to thermal, ridge, and wave soaring year round.

The club fosters and promotes all phases of soaring in the Mid-Atlantic Region, from beginning instruction through advanced training, cross-country flight, and sanctioned competition.

The organization is volunteer supported and provides it’s members with tow services and gliders.  Low cost youth memberships support community activities and enable student aged members a means to obtain affordable flight training.  M-ASA also provides other community education programs focused at enlightening the general public on the topic of Soaring.

Most importantly, M-ASA goals are to provide it’s members with fun, affordable, flying and the satisfaction of introducing people to the magic of soaring.

Mid-Atlantic Soaring Association is a chapter of the Soaring Society of America  (SSA) and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Whether you are just interested in finding out what soaring is about, or are an experienced pilot, come join us to experience the great sport of soaring.

Soaring… Experience the Magic!


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