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Club Task Day

M-ASA Task Day Competition

(Last updated:  June 3, 2014)


The objectives of the Task Day competition are two; to encourage cross-country soaring among beginning cross-country pilots, and to extend an opportunity to experienced cross-country pilots to hone their skills under conditions approximating SSA contest conditions.  At least three pilots must agree to participate.  A Competition Director (CD) is assigned who will designate the day’s task and establish the beginning start time. CDs are urged to consider the needs of less experienced pilots when designating tasks.

Flights are on M-ASA scheduled days of operations and are scored according to SSA Regional Sports Class rules.  This an excellent way to introduce competition to the pilot who has just discovered cross country soaring.  Task Day includes options for mentoring less-experienced pilots and for experimenting with new approaches to competition such as Start Anywhere MAT tasks and Grand Prix starts.

The Task Day Champion is the pilot with the highest cumulative score at the end of the scheduled soaring season.  The Club Champion is the pilot that has the highest score from his/her three longest flights as scored by the OLC.

A training session on basic contest scoring was provided to M-ASA pilots new to cross-country flying in 2013.  The brief is here:  Contest Scoring 101-Rev 1

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